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About Us

Miami Industrial Motors opened for business in December of 1983 and specializes in the sales, service and repair of electrical apparatus.

The business has since inception been a family owned business. The principal owners are Mr. Mario Garcia and wife Ana C. Garcia.

Mr. Garcia received much of his education at General Electric Corporation where he worked approximately 20 years in the sales, service and repair of electrical apparatus.

He also specialized in NEMA and metric windings becoming a Class “A” rewind technician. He is experienced in voltage modifications and has wide experience and knowledge on a variety of different small and large systems.

Presently Miami Industrial Motors rewinds and services but is not limited to ac/dc motors of water pumps, compressors, generators and other HVAC components and power systems.

Years later after finishing High School both his sons, Mario and Albert joined him in the business.
Both of them are very knowledgeable in servicing motors and power systems and have been working in the family business for over 15 years.

Practicing quality professional workmanship and using the premium grade materials available in the industry, Miami Industrial Motors has gained the respect of both its peers and customers.


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